Who we are:

Dental Innovations LLC was founded on the idea that “there has to be a better way”. For 40 years the prophy paste container was a circular design and was incompatible with the prophy angle. This incompatibility and the frustration with collecting the prophy paste into the prophy cup without having to spin the cup led Dr. Wardius to invent a revolutionary new design for the prophy paste container. The GrooveTM was born and for 10 years Dr. Wardius used a homemade version in his office until his wife, Michele, encouraged him to have the design patented and then she took it to the next level. Michele was able to find a manufacturing facility in the US capable of bringing the GrooveTM to market. Having everything manufactured in the United States was very important to Michele and I’m proud to say that every aspect of our revolutionary design is made in the USA.

We are excited to offer the dental industry this “better way” of packaging prophy paste and encourage your feedback with anything we may be able to improve on. Let us know how it feels to be using the GrooveTM.